A.D. Sutton upholds the highest standards for our consumer products. Our company is within full compliance of all import laws of the U.S. and ensures our product is made in the highest-rated factories and by the most responsible suppliers from around the world. We comply with international laws and use approved factories rated by 3rd party auditors. Each and every style in our product line is tested under the protocols set forth by local and national government regulations. This encompasses laws and guidelines under the rule of CPSC, ASTM standards. Testing is performed by 3rd party accredited testing labs for CPSIA regulations and also meets the highest requirements of CAPROP65, WA State Childrens Products Act and other local state laws.

At A.D. Sutton, we understand the requests of our partners, retailers and end–use customers. We adhere to the regulations and comply with the standards of our retailers’ guidelines. We meet the expectations for lab testing compliance, along with retailers' specific protocols for our products. Our team is continuously monitoring the ever-changing laws and guidelines. Our efforts are focused on being educated on the most current laws of safety compliance, and we strive to improve our products through periodic testing required to maintain quality assurance. We endeavor to improve by offering the best quality and monitoring of our products by our Customer Service Department. All documentation and requests for information about our product can be obtained through the A.D. Sutton Customer Service Department at 212 695-7071 or by email at